Decking Excavation

Digging out and disposing of earth for a new deck can be a hard and tiresome job. Weather its a softwood or composite deck, let us take care of it for you. Excavation is charged at £130 per cubic meter for non hazardous soils & stone.

Is Excavation needed?

If you would like your new deck to finish at the same height (flush) as an existing patio or swimming pool? Is the ground in the proposed area level with the patio or pool? Then a standard depth would be 0.2m (8in).

Is the ground in the proposed area higher than the patio or pool? Then that extra height would need to be added to the the standard 8in depth.

If the ground in the proposed area is lower than the patio or pool then the measurement needs to be subtracted from the 8in depth.



Excavations can be pretty tricky things to work out given that ground is rarely truly level.
If your not 100% sure of exactly what you need, or your garden slopes drastically then we recommend not ordering any excavation until our installation team can advise you on what to order.

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