How long is my garden? Its a question we get asked a lot, especially if your having a different style fence installed to what you have currently in your outside space.

The most accurate and traditional way would be to use a tape measure. Measuring from one end of the fence line to the other. Changes in direction would be considered a new and separate fence line.

If you don’t own a tape measure then don’t worry as modern tech has your back!

Most iPhones have a built in tape measure (from ios12 onwards) look for your app called Measure.

For android there is also a wonderful free app on Google Play Maps Distance Calculator” from LKE TECH.

Simply ping your current location on the satellite view, zoom in, then add pins to the start and end of your fence line!

Back Garden & Beyond take no responsibility for any dimensions returned by any 3rd party software or apps”

Alternatively we can come & take care any measuring that you need doing

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