How to Extend the Life of your Timber Fencing & Screening

Pressure treated Fencing & Screening in the UK typically last around 15 years, but with proper maintenance & care you can extend the life of your timber fence or screen to 20 years or more.

Prolong the life of your fence

Once a year, thoroughly inspect your fence for signs of damage or rot. Replace broken boards, hammer in loose nails & tighten screws. Check each section of the fence to make sure it’s securely attached to the next one & replace any rotten posts.

Trim back bushes and vines so they don’t hang on the fence, because they add weight and hold on to moisture.

Make sure the area around the fence has proper drainage so water doesn’t pool around the posts.

Give your fence a good clean every 3 – 5 years with a jet washer & retreat with paint , stain or deking oil to retain its natural colour..

How to Extend the Life of your Timber Decking

Prolong the life of your Deck?

Keep your decking clean all year round. Removing any mud or leaf build up as soon as you spot it, this can greatly improve not only the life but also the appearance of your deck.

Give your decking a deep clean every year, sweep off any leaves, mud & any other loose debris.

Then inspect your decking for damage & rot, replacing any boards, joists or posts as required.

Apply a deck cleaner, we recommend using a sprayer to apply this, it will save you countless hours as well as your back!

Now jet wash your deck making sure to remove all of the deck cleaner.

Make sure the timber is dry & apply your treatment. If you prefer the natural look of the timber then apply a uv protection decking oil. If you prefer a modern colour, a huge range of decking stains and paints are available.

Did you know we offer a maintenance service?

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