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Closeboard gates are pre manufactured at a standard width of 3ft (900mm) and come in 3 different heights 4ft, 5ft, 6ft to match the heights of Closeboard fencing.

The standard 3ft width will work with gaps ranging from 900mm  to 1120mm with the use of wall plates and or posts to pack out and reduce the gap to the standard 3ft width.

Gate widths below or above this range require a special order, gaps between brick walls will also need wall plates please take this into consideration when ordering gates.

Please take a look at the illustrations at the bottom of this page before filling in the form below.

If you require a different size gate or just need some general advice, please don’t hesitate and get in touch today.

Price includes black powder coated gate furniture



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Included gate furniture

1x Pair of 18” black powder coated T hinges.

1x Black powder coated latch.

2x Black powder coated pad bolt for padlocks.

All necessary fixings.


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